Passion Spas - Spa Devotion

Passion Spas - Spa Devotion

If you are looking for a spa for your family with the same viewing direction, the 2020 addition to the Signature Collection: The Devotion Spa is the right choice for you. With three fullbody loungers and two semi-loungers it is a unique new spa that offering loungers for five people. The Devotion comes standard with proprietary features such as Bio-Lok™, Dual-Source Heating™ and Aqua Rolling Massage™, as well as the newly designed Neck Relief Massage™ system. The Neck Relief Massage™ is a new therapy specially created by Passion Spas which focuses on loosening your neck muscles by massaging from top to bottom your neck muscles. The Devotion also features our exclusive Synergy Water System, automatically maintaining clean and fresh water, making this new spa both a relaxing and an energy efficient choice

Seating Capacity 5
Water Capacity 391 Gallons
Dimensions 91" x 91" x 36"
Weight 794 lbs
Total Jets 82

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