Artesian Spas - Dove Canyon

Artesian Spas - Dove Canyon

Vacations may be few and far between, but they don’t have to be. Transform your backyard into an unforgettable spa experience with the Dove Canyon. Treat yourself daily, all the while reducing your aches and pains in an instant. Calm your senses and escape the pressures of your daily routine with this top-of-the-line therapeutic getaway. Equipped with 6 seats, its spacious layout, elegant design and top-notch performance will whisk you away into a vacation-like state of mind.

Seating Capacity 6
Water Capacity 405 gal | 1,533 L
Dimensions 91 x 91 x 42 in. | 231 x 231 x 96 cm
Weight 1,050 lbs | 476 kg
Total Jets 67

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